Found a Great Blog

We bloggers know that one of the best things about blogging is finding others with similar interests to connect with by visiting their “worlds” through their photos and writing.

I’ve just visited “A Growing Tradition” blog whose author is also a New Englander and also a fantastic photographer. His talents don’t end there, he also bakes and has photos of his amazing fruit pie on his blog…it made me drool.

So I have linked his blog to mine and I hope you might go visit it – btw he can write too!

Here are my little individual apple pies – made last year.  I haven’t been apple picking yet this season.

Individual Apple Pies postcard

3 thoughts on “Found a Great Blog

  1. Thomas

    Thank you SO much for your very kind words about my blog! It was also incredibly nice of you to link to my blog in your post. I’ve added a link to your blog on the right hand side of mine and am very excited to follow your “world” as well!

    like you, I love connecting with other bloggers in New England. Already, I’ve gained some great advice and tips about the growing conditions in our area (not to mention some fabulous seed swapping!) in the short time I’ve been blogging. I’ve noticed that in other parts of the country (particularly Southern California) the local blogging community is very close knit. They take their social networking beyond the pages of their green blogs, even organizing events to educate and better their communities. Hopefully one day, it will be like that here in New England as well.

    Again, many thanks!
    P.S. Your pies looks scrumptious as well! Hurray for pies!


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